Void Judgments

It has been estimated that there may be as many as fifty million void judgments on file in America's courthouses.
  • "Void" means having no legal force or validity; null.
  • A judgment entered by a court is void if a court lacks jurisdiction over the parties or subject matter of a lawsuit.
  • Lack of jurisdiction over the parties usually means that somebody wasn't served properly.
  • Lack of subject matter jurisdiction means the matter was brought in the wrong court, or certain necessary facts weren't there.
  • Judgments are void if the record shows fraud, a jurisdictional failing, or inconsistency with due process.
  • A void judgment can be attacked and "vacated" either in the same court or in another court. "Vacate" means basically "cancel," "annul" from the beginning, as if it never was.
  • Generally, there is no statue of limitations on vacating void judgments!

If you or someone you know have lost property, liberty or family as the result of a sham proceeding, it CAN be vacated. If you have a judgment against you that you think is void, then please

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