Facing Foreclosure or Eviction?
Home Already Been Foreclosed?
Loan Modification Stalled?
Loan Servicing Fraud or Mistakes?

If you:
  1. need immediate assistance to stop foreclosure
  2. are in imminent danger of being foreclosed
  3. are unhappy with your financing
  4. believe, but aren't sure, you may have been defrauded by your Mortgage Broker, Title Company, or Lender
  5. are in an Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  6. have a balloon payment coming due
  7. want a Mortgage Analysis and/or Securitization Audit
  8. want to know more about predatory lending practices investigation by Senate Banking Committee
  9. want to be put in contact with others similarly situated in your area
  10. have commenced a court action against your lender, or vice versa
  11. want to know more about how to lower your interest rate
  12. want to lower your property taxes
  13. or want to know more about Allodial Title

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