1. Did you know that if you sue for false arrest (or false imprisonment), the arrest is presumed to be false? Did you know that all you need to prove is that the arrest occurred, and then the burden is on the officer to prove that it wasn’t false? Did you know that for an imprisonment, all you need is to show that you were "restrained of your liberty by words and acts which you feared to disregard"? Did you know that a car stop counts as an arrest and an imprisonment?
  2. Did you know that if an officer says he has a warrant for your arrest, you can demand to see the warrant AND the supporting affidavit, and if he arrests you without producing them, it’s a false arrest? Did you know that the police routinely ignore and violate this law?
  3. Did you know that “sovereign immunity” only covers “discretionary” acts (where the officer has a choice about what to do) but does not cover “ministerial” acts such as executing an arrest warrant? Do you understand that an officer is personally liable for any misdeeds during a warrant arrest? Did you know that sovereign immunity does not cover an officer AT ALL if he breaks the law?
  4. Did you know that many court documents are “signed” with a rubber stamp? Did you know that many clerks and attorneys have these stamps with a judge’s signature? How do you know the warrant wasn’t stamped by a clerk or attorney? How can a rubber-stamp signature on a warrant POSSIBLY be legal?
  5. Did you know that you can ask an officer for his business card and ID, and if he doesn’t comply, he’s out of uniform?
  6. Did you know you have the right to resist a false arrest with as much force as necessary?
  7. Did you know that in Oregon it’s presumed that every man is armed, and that he carries his gun on his right hip–and therefore a gun on your right hip is not considered to be a concealed weapon, even if there happens to be a jacket covering it?
  8. Did you know that if an officer misbehaves, you can complain to Risk Management?
    Portland (503) 823-5101
    Multnomah County (503) 988-6753
  9. Did you know that the Portland Police has not lost a Civil Rights case since 1967?
  10. Did you know that the Federal Pure Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act (that set up the FDA) makes it illegal for anyone but a licensed physician to operate a breathalyzer?
  11. Did you know that if an officer asks you a question, you have the right to ignore him and keep walking?
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