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Paper Advantage Seminar

Saturday, May 8th, and Sunday, May 9th, 2010 - 10am - 5pm
Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Foreclosure - Jamming the Gears! We have multiple strategies, both in and out of court.
  • Criminal Defense - Using the System to Tie Up the System with the "Attorney Contract" Method
  • IRS - How they fail to fulfill their own legal standards -- and how to use their failure to your advantage.
  • Void Judgments - Do you have a court judgment against you?  Bring your documents and learn if yours is one of those estimated 50 million that are VOID or VOIDABLE -- and what to do about it to get relief.
  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt without Bankruptcy (using the Uniform Commercial Code) -- Bring your Credit Card Statement and allow us to help.
  • Improve Your Credit Score -- The Miami Herald reported, "Everybody knows what their cholesterol is, but very few people know their credit score.  And that number is as important to your financial health as your cholesterol is to your personal health.".
  • Protect Your Assets (and bank accounts) like the wealthy do. We have multiple strategies, methods and legal structures. The first step is to understand exactly what you are protecting it from.
  • What is a Corporation Sole?  Do you need one?
  • De Facto Officers - Many judges and other officials have failed to take and record a proper Oath of Office, or failed some other technical qualification. Does this mean everything they do is void? No, because the litigants failed to preserve the issue. Learn what you MUST do to avoid waiving the issue.
  • Stress Relief and Emotional Freedom - You cannot fight (or do anything else) effectively if you are bound up in counterproductive stress patterns. Take control of your emotions and double your personal effectiveness.
This two-day seminar will be an eye opener!  Don't miss it!
Meet someone who has 'been there done that'!

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