U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration

JAN 16 2002

Mr. Carl Rentz (address withheld) Dear Mr. Rentz: Thank you for your recent letter and questions about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and responsibilities for control of U.S. airspace.

The current scope of the FAA's responsibilities are prescribed by an act of congress, Public Law 103-272, on July 5, 1994. These responsibilities are codified in Title 49, United States Code (U.S.C.). Under the statute, the FAA Administrator is granted broad powers to regulate and enforce the use of U.S. airspace.

In reality, the decision to ground all aircraft and actions taken since are made in consultaton with other agencies including those involving national security. The FAA remains responsible for enforcing regulatory violations and assessing penalties. Violation of flight bans may result in suspension or revocation of licenses or certificates issued by the FAA.

The U.S.C. and the text of Public Laws are generally available at public libraries and various Internet sites. Information about the history, functions, and scope of FAA activities may be found on the world wide web at: http://faa.gov.

Please accept our appreciation for taking the time to share your questions with us. I hope we have answered your concerns.


Kenneth W. Peppard
Tell FAA Task Force