Drug-addicted attorneys & judges

The Oregon Supreme Court approves of the use and the possession of narcotics by Oregon attorneys. The Oregon legislature has passed criminal laws relating to the possession and the use of narcotics. With the approval of the Oregon Supreme Court, an unknown number of members of the Oregon judiciary are exempt from these criminal laws. An Oregon Attorney Assistance Program (OAAP) was created by the Oregon Bar Association, with the full knowledge and approval of the Oregon Supreme Court. Lawyers and judges can get assistance from the OAAP with their drug habit. An unknown number of Oregon lawyers/judges have a dependency with alcoholism. With the approval of the Oregon Supreme Court, the names of chemically dependent attorneys and judges are held confidential and shall not be released. The chemically dependant attorneys and judges are not arrested, and unlike the rest of Oregon citizens, they do not spend any time in jail. Our jails are filled with people who have been arrested for the use and the possession of narcotics -- but not attorneys and judges. Another example where lawyers consider themselves above the law -- another example where the courts are a participant in criminal activity. What are your chances of being represented by a competent attorney or appear before a competent judge, when they are permitted to possess and use narcotics and alcohol at any time -- even prior to or in court? If you are arrested on drug charges, what are the chances that the judge who is sentencing you -- and your attorney who is helping you agree to a plea-bargain -- are drug-addicted and protected by the OAAP?

Contact Us if you think you have a drug-addicted attorney or judge.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION - A California attorney, who receives a second drunk driving conviction, risks losing the license to practice law. In fact, a second D.W.I. conviction for an attorney usually will result in the bar license being lifted unless the attorney enters and completes some drug treatment program. In addition, the attorney will usually be required to take courses in professional ethics as well. All of these sanctions for drunk diving will be imposed regardless of whether or not the drunk driving had anything to do with the furnishing of legal services to a client.
In California, for example, if an attorney is drunk in the law office and gives advice to a client which is correct, then the attorney has not violated the canons of professional responsibility because his advice was correct and therefore was not impaired mentally.
The Colorado Supreme Court in May 1992, suspended attorney, Lawrence David Rhodes, for three years after entering a guilty plea in the El Paso County District Court to one count of distribution of a controlled substance, cocaine. COLORADO LAWYER (Aug. 1992)

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